Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham knight is a fighting game. There is a lot of bad guys come to attack Batman and the players have to control Batman to attack these bad guy. Sometimes it is hard to attack bad guys because they’re to strong . It is one of my favourite game.

The story is talk about a copy cat Arkham Knight fight with Batman. The reason that I said he is copy cat is because he made a suit like this, he is look like Batman.Image result for Arkham knight COPY CAT

First is Batman start to attack Arkham City because the master of Arkham Knight (Scarecrow) want to spray a scare gas to attack the people from Gotham so Batman try to stop him Arkham Knight came block Batman , and Batman wonder who is Arkham Knight . And they both start their war. Another day Batman go to rescue one police and Arkham Knight come and he show his face to Batman and Batman realise Arkham Knight is the first Robin Jason Todd , and batman thought he was dead but his not . The reason why Jason want to fight him is because he think  batman don’t care about him and batman don’t rescue him from joker but Batman try to find him all the time , and Batman with Arkham Knight start their finale fight . And in the end of the fight Batman want to fix these thing but Arkham Knight run away. And another time Scarecrow got Batman and second robin and Scarecrow tell Batman to show his face or he will see everybody dead and he don’t have any choice so he did and everybody saw it too than Scarecrow still want to kill but  Arkham Knight shoot Scarecrow and rescue Batman that Scarecrow loose and Batman take him to the GCPD prison . And Batman back to his house and people is outside of his house but when he go inside of his house the house explore and people thought he is dead but he’s not . And it is how Batman Arkham Knight end.

It is a good game to play because it is a special story and you can change the suit of Batman and the story is very good and sometimes Ghost Joker will said something funny and you can see some cool weapons that Batman have. You can do any thing you want but if you want to follow the story you can.


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